If you're coming from out of town, try to arrive in Boston by 7:30pm on Friday in order to get a good night's rest before the Ride (don't forget it begins at 6:00am the next morning!). If you fly into Boston's Logan Airport, you can find more travel tips on Massport website. It's a short trip into the city. If you are new to Boston, check out our travel page.

Friday night: "Meet and Greet"
Not offered in 2024

We kick off the weekend with a Meet/Greet in Boston from 6:30-8:30pm at Club Cafe. We will provide a healthy dinner. It’s a great way for riders and volunteers to meet up and get settled in Boston before facing the early morning start. Riders and volunteers must sign up in advance to request a free ticket. Guests must purchase a ticket.

Saturday morning: The Start

The starting point of the ride is in front of the Cyclorama Building of the Boston Center for the Arts, at the intersection of Tremont and Clarendon Streets in Boston's South End (see Google map). Registration starts at 6:00am and ends at 6:30am. Knowing your rider number at sign-in will get you on the road faster. This information will be sent to you via e-mail after you register for the ride.

There are no water or toilet facilities at the Cyclorama, you should arrive with your water bottles filled, your bladder empty, your electronic accessories fully charged, and your tires pumped up.

Once you have registered, gotten numbered, and received your route maps you can head out for P-town.

Make sure that a volunteer checks off your Rider number at each checkpoint and at the finish. It is vital that you check in or we will assume that you've been lost. You should know your Rider number. It will be written on your leg the day of the Ride.

Water, Gatorade, fruit, snacks, etc. will be at all checkpoints. Lunch will be available at the Sandwich and Yarmouth checkpoints. Ask the Crew at the SAG stop if you need first aid supplies, aspirin, pain creams, patch kits, lubricant, tire tools, pumps, spoke wrenches, and extra maps. (However you should carry extra tubes and be able to change your own tire.)

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*If a checkpoint is closed when you arrive, you should call the emergency number on your map, report the time and your location, and, unless dark is approaching, continue the route.

Saturday afternoon/evening: Arriving in Provincetown

The finish line is at the Surfside Hotel and Suites, 543 Commercial Street.

There will be T-shirts, snacks and drinks available. You will be able to collect your bag here. This is a great place to hang out and welcome other riders as they finish. The finish line will be open until about 7:30 pm. The town of Provincetown will provide your evening's entertainment.

Sunday afternoon: Post-Ride lunch

After enjoying the sights and sounds of Provincetown and getting a good night's rest, join your fellow riders and volunteers for an informal get-together at noon at the Provincetown Brewing Company at 141 Bradford Street, about 3 blocks from Town Hall. They offer a variety of sandwiches, salads, and, of course, beer.